Boitumelo Sebambo

Boitumelo Sebambo


New CEO with a 3Sixty approach to address health concerns using herbal extracts

It seems only fitting that leading up to World Health Day on 07 April 2021, one of South Africa’s most exciting and dynamic pharmaceutical companies announces their formidable new CEO. Boitumelo Sebambo, has officially taken over the reins from Walter Mbatha and plans to not only continue his legacy of positioning the business as experts in herbal based and natural medicinal products, but this accomplished businesswoman also has aspirations in her new role to put African traditional medicine on the global map.

Sebambo has risen through the ranks, having first joined 3Sixty Global Solutions in 2019 when it was still known as 3Sixty Financial Solutions. During her three-year journey, she has seen the company transform from a purely financial group into the powerhouse that it is today; a company that is committed to creating global solutions across the spectrum, all the way from financial services to biotechnology.

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 Sebambo obtained a BSc from UCT and an MBA specialising in sustainable development from HAUT in Shanghai, China. Her strong business background, paired with a solid grounding in the sciences, makes her uniquely qualified for her new role. Sebambo has also spent a significant part of her career as a management consultant, focusing on change management, strategy development and various system implementation products. She firmly believes that her experience in these fields, along with her work history, will serve her well in her position as CEO.

“I am proud to assume the role of CEO of 3Sixty Biomedicine and to continue the excellent work Walter has done so far. My background at 3Sixty has placed me in the fortunate position of having been part of the company’s journey of change. In the past I’ve worked with clients in financial services, capital markets and government departments. Although my former role was focused on an umbrella view of the entire organisation’s key projects and strategies, I’m eager to apply my skills to the biotech cluster in particular. It’s such an honour to be part of a bold start-up biotechnology company like 3Sixty Biomedicine,” Sebambo said.


The company has worked tirelessly to provide more natural solutions to the SA market with one of its ranges, Salome, focusing on addressing common women’s health issues. In 2020 the Salome brand initiated tough conversations with SA consumers and healthcare practitioners, endeavouring to break the silence around topics that have traditionally been considered taboo. According to Sebambo, what transpired in 2020 is only the beginning of what the company and brand has in store for South Africans as she sets her sights on revolutionising the local pharmaceutical space going forward.

“I’m proud of our solutions when it comes to poorly met medical needs. The fact that with the Salome range we’re tackling problems like infertility in women who suffer from PCOS, and are offering more natural options for women dealing with menstrual pain and heavy menstrual bleeding to improve their quality of life – makes what we do on a day-to-day basis so rewarding. And now with two more products due to be released soon to the market that assist in the treatment of menopause and PCOS in general – 2021 promises to be an exciting year. My goals are to continue creating a comfortable space for women and men to talk about, and tackle, women’s health issues. I want the business to be a leader in redirecting Research and Development funds towards solutions for women’s health problems, and in particular black women’s health problems,” says Sebambo.

Another stand out range that 3Sixty Biomedicine launched in late 2019 is the Cape Sativa and Cannotria line that includes cannabinoids (CBD) based products for the management of dermatological conditions. Recent literature has described the promising role of cannabinoids in the treatment of dermatologic conditions and among them, inflammatory skin diseases such as: acne, pruritus; psoriasis; allergic contact and atopic dermatitis. It’s these findings that prompted 3Sixty BioMedicine to invest in and develop the Cape Sativa range, along with other products and ranges due to be released this year that also tap into the various herbal extracts of the cannabis plant.

“While the use of CBD in medicinal and skincare products is still relatively cutting-edge, we have already broken a lot of ground in this space and are excited about being seen as the “gurus” in CBD related biotechnology. We are actively trying to educate and engage with the healthcare industry about the benefits of using natural extracts from this incredible plant that has the potential to cure and manage so many ailments and conditions,” explains Sebambo.


And if those goals weren’t already lofty and ambitious – Sebambo says she also aims to put African traditional medicine on the global map by packaging it in such a way that it can reach a global market. “We are actively partnering with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to achieve this. We’ve seen more and more people locally and on the rest of the continent go back to basics when it comes to finding treatments and solutions for illnesses, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe this trend will continue to grow. Personally, I’ve seen an increase in new entrants in the market, both in SA and globally, of herbal based and natural products. We have seen a lifestyle shift with an increasing trend towards prevention, and it is clear that to prevent we must go as natural as possible. I believe people will start looking for natural products more often, and when they do – 3Sixty Biomedicine will be there to provide them with the quality natural treatment options they are looking for,” she concluded.

For more information on the company, and their products, visit the 3Sixty Biomedicine website (, or follow them on social media to see all their latest updates.